Lavana Valen

Oracle, a Shaman & an Intuitive Guide

Lavana has been channeling guides of various origins and doing healing work for over 24 years.  As an honors graduate with a Buisness Scholarship, she took the road less traveled. Venturing through University, she accumulated a double Major in Philosophy & Religious Studies with a Minor in Psychology. During this time, she also mentored under Pamela Nadeau (psychic & astrologer), trained under Patricia Cyr (Reiki Master) to become a Reiki Master in 1994, spent hours & days planting trees and communicating with bears, birds & various creatures and joined the Order of Melchizedek as an Ordained Priestess. Lavana also has basic training in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing), Access Bars, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Jui Jitsui (accupressure).

Since childhood, Lavana has communed in nature developing her shaman skills with no outside human mentor. In May of 2011, she was honored & welcomed onto the Shaman Path by Grandfather Don Esteban of the Quechua Tribe In Equador.

Throughout 2014, Lavana mentored with Karen Forrest (Angel Lady of the Maritimes) to refine & explore angel card readings and authorship.

Lavana’s gentle, straightforward guidance can help you navigate life’s journey.  A session can range from a direct intuitive nudge, a communication with a crossed over loved one, a full blown past life recall & clearing to a connection with an animal, spirit or angel guide.

She does hands on healing sessions, readings and classes (individual or group).

Her latest venture has been opening Teaspoon Creek Healing Haven in Durham, NS. Here she hosts and takes turns leading people through Intuitive practices, exercises & ceremony.

Classes & Healing Sessions available through Skype, telephone & in person sessions.